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Jan. 1st, 2013

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Well, this is a little delayed, but better late than never, I guess...

On Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 15, I took my final exam in OB, then the computerized exam (which was harder than I expected) and also the computerized exam in Mental Health (which was also harder than I expected!).  I had my evaluations with both clinical instructors, which went well.  I assume our grades have been posted by now, but our online registration site has been defunct since the middle of the semester so I can't check.  (This made registration for Spring of 2013 really easy, lemme tell ya!)

So, that officially marked the end of the semester.  3 out of 4 complete! 

Thursday and Friday I did...something...which probably related to getting Christmas presents ready to mail?  I really don't remember, and it was only 2 weeks ago.  Maybe I slept a lot...  My vertigo continued to slowly go away, and by Saturday the 15th I wasn't very aware of it any more except when trying to keep my balance or moving with my eyes closed. 

Saturday I started a Clinical Elective, where we get to spend 5 days on a floor with an instructor and just hone our skills.  I'm really glad I did this!  It brought back to mind all kinds of management and organization issues I need to keep working on, and gave me a chance to practice some skills I haven't used in a while.  I got to give my first intramuscular injection, too.  (It's flu/pneumonia vaccine season!).

The Elective met on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  On Monday, I mailed all the Christmas presents, having spent Sunday making fudge and bread to go in the boxes.  I can't say I really did a lot on Tuesday-Friday after Clinical--it's pretty exhausting, and I had to be there at 6:30 in the morning.  I definitely think that evenings will be my preferred shift (if I get a choice!). 

My brother arrived from the midwest on Saturday the 22nd, and we had a really nice week with him.  We went out to Rochester to visit a family friend on the 24th, and then had Christmas at our house.  On the 27th we did a lot of shoveling, but it wasn't too bad since the only pressing engagement we had was for PoC to go to work each evening.  (I so wish we were in a position where he didn't need to work nights, but it's a paycheck...)  My brother left on Saturday the 29th, and we left a few hours later for a very short trip to VT to see PoC's family.  The drive took about an hour and a half longer than usual, but we made it safely and returned home safely on the 31st.  Two days there is really about enough, anyway!  Now I'm enjoying relaxing at home for a few days until I really start to feel like I must study for next semester (the syllabus comes out next week; classes start on the 15th).  Maybe I'll write our Christmas letter! 

Behind the cut, for length, a recap of some of my clinical work this semester (Pediatrics, OB, Mental Health; I already talked about the Community-based nursing stuff).  As usual, excuse the fact that I can't indicate age or gender!

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