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Feb. 15th, 2013

pantshead: (Transformers)
Oof!  Tired out again!  I really can't recall how I ever got through the first semester, when I had more classes and more homework!  I guess we didn't spend as long in Clinical each week.

Anyway, we continued to learn about kidneys and kidney failure this week.  Protect your kidneys, y'all.  They are super-important.  Next week we have an exam that is almost entirely devoted to kidneys (with a little bit of management/delegation and IV Push thrown in).

In our Bridging class, which I realize I've omitted for the last few weeks, we learned about temperaments and management styles.  Basically, we took the Keirsey temperament sorter and then talked about what the letters meant, especially in a teamwork-type setting.  For anyone who is interested, I came out as an IST/FJ.  I've taken Myers-Briggs tests before for various reasons and have usually come out to be an INFJ.  This time I was more strongly and S and a dead tie for T/F.  And a very strong I and J, which will be a surprise to no one.  I did find the descriptions of ISTJ and ISFJ interesting (and reasonably accurate, but I still have a lot of N) mostly because of they both describe the typical response to stressors as "catastrophizing."  Oh, yeah.  I've felt like this is more and more true in the last few years, and I don't know whether it's because of the stress of school and some family/personal stress, or whether--as I get older--I'm just going to be more likely to think of the worst-case scenario for stuff?

In Clinical this week, I was the 'Team Leader' which sounds like an honor (maybe) but is really just a chance to experience trying to keep track of 5 other students and 13 patients!  It wasn't bad, but the Team Leader is more like a resource person/troubleshooter/organizer.  My instructor assigned me to it this week because time management and organization continue to be big issues for me.  Next week I get to spend both days in the emergency department, which I'm looking forward to.

Now, though, dinner and then probably early bedtime.  Getting up at 0430 makes me sleepy....


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