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May. 4th, 2013

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Not really much of a week.  We had our 5th exam, which was our last unit exam.  It covered non-pharmacological treatments, burns, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries.  Like all of our exams, it had some math questions too (sadly, there won't be any of those on the final.  They're usually easy points!).  I did okay on the exam, but wish I'd done a little better.  However, I'm still in very decent shape and I think it's very possible for me to get an A in the class.  It's partly vanity on my part, but I think it's actually valuable--getting to put a GPA of 4.0 on my resume can't hurt when I don't have any prior work experience, right?  I believe I'm the only person in my graduating class to have a 4.0 (fortunately, they don't do valedictorian/salutatorian speeches at graduation--I have no desire to do that!).

We had another computerized exam, which actually went pretty decently.  These are administered by an independent company, so the topics on the exam aren't always things we've specifically learned about in class.  There were a few questions like that on this exam, but not too many.

And...that was the week!  I did spend Thursday morning shadowing an RN on a floor where I had a job interview.  More about that if it pans out...


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